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Direct Mail Production

Our highly skilled experts handle everything from initial planning, campaign execution, printing, data processing and mailing services to postal logistics and reporting. We eliminate your problems and your headaches and put together all the pieces of the project. In other words, we save you hours of precious time by identifying the right equipment and vendor for your job, giving you regular reports and taking the total package through the course of the production. Saving you time and money… giving you peace of mind.

When you work with JJS&A Inc. you won’t get the run-around each time you call. You won’t be handed off to a different production manager in the middle of a job. You’ll enjoy the added value of working with just one production manager, who will stay on top of and evaluate your entire project, making sure it stays on budget, on time and error-free. Ultimately delivering a quality product you can be proud to mail to your most discriminating lists. We provide complete direct mail production services. Direct mail is all we do, all day, every day, including Newsletters, Magazines, Envelope packages, SlimJim’s, Digests, Magalogs, Catalogs, Self-mailers, Postcards, Personalization, Digital printing, and full-service direct mailing services.

Direct Mail Production


40 years of Print Production experience and knowledge... understanding exactly how each marketing project should be executed... including sheet-fed, web, digital, large format, and highly personalized mailers.

Our production agency provides recommendations on many different types of print formats that have proven to achieve the best results and are at the same time the most cost-effective to produce. Our clients truly value the combination of increased responses and reduced costs.


This allows your final design to look deliberate, professional, and consistent.

Each of our partners provide the level of quality and print expertise that is critically important to our clients. We are in complete control of every aspect of every project. We can produce a wide variety of printed formats for you, including:

● Magalogs
● SlimJims

● Digests

● Envelope packages
● Catalogs
● Postcards
● Newsletters
● Reports
● Booklets
● Self-mailers & more

Whether you’re a direct mail veteran or new to the game and thinking about launching your first campaign, JJS&A can equip you with the tools and knowledge required to succeed.




Lettershop Services

As an industry leader in printing and marketing solutions, our expertise ranges from magazines and newsletters to catalogs and small run publications. Managing and delivering content efficiently is the key to your business… we understand that. Whether it is printing short, medium or long runs, utilizing digital, sheet-fed or web offset, you face a multitude of choices in how your content is managed and distributed. Optimizing distribution to offer maximum value to your subscribers and advertisers while controlling costs is key to a successful campaign. We serve many catalog, magazine and newsletter publishers. As an experienced leader in magazine, catalog and newsletter printing, we are qualified to provide complete and integrated services to you and your audience.


● Create efficiencies in print and mailing production

● Automate workflow and production for better management and distribution
● Better control overall costs while increasing ROI across all operations

Lettershop Services and Management


Whether it is a simple #10 package, a multi-version 6 x 9 package or a complex personalized multi-component mailing, JJS&A is the single source for all your lettershop and mailing needs.

Our services include:
● Data Processing Services (NCOA, Cass, Postal presort…etc.)
● Merge/Purge Management
● NDC/SCF Processing and Optimization
● Co-Mail, Co-Mingle and Co-Palletization Services and Management
● Inkjet/Scitex/Videojet/Admark Addressing
● Simplex or Duplex Laser Personalization

● Inserting
● Matched Mailings
● Tabbing/Wafer Sealing (In-line and Offline)
● Metering
● Stamping
● Spot Gluing
● Label affixing
● Card and Product Affixing
● Folding
● Off-line Finishing
● Fulfillment
● Polybag
● Customized Inventory Reports

Postal Logistics

Postal Logistics


We help you control your postage costs by utilizing the best delivery strategies for your format. We analyze postal options to determine the right postal delivery to maximize your savings. We perform an in-depth analysis of each mailing which allows us to deliver multiple solutions to maximize your savings as well as added services to help you better manage and control your campaigns… We offer:

● Drop Shipping
● Co-Mail Services
● Co-Palletization
● Commingling
● Postal Optimization
● Mail Tracking Services

Postal Support


We stay informed on all postal related issues and updates so we can keep you informed on:

● Mail Design Analysis
● Rate Changes
● USPS promotions and discounts
● News and Industry Alerts
● Domestic and International Solutions
● Permit Support and Management

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