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A family-owned business since 1979, JJS&A, Inc. is a full-service team of direct mail and print production specialists.

Our clients, vendors, and staff know we stand for trust and committed action, which reflects our family's personal integrity. You can trust us to completely manage your print production and direct mail needs in a timely,
efficient, and innovative manner. You can trust us because we have almost four decades of experience behind us. We build on the relationships we've developed over this time to produce high quality and competitively priced products. We have the expertise and an all-encompassing vendor base, including the largest group of printers and letter shops across the country. You can trust us to provide efficient solutions, quality and commitment to meet your deadlines.

Why JJS&A, Inc.?


We eliminate the hassle of working with multiple vendors. We give you more time to focus on your business at hand, by managing your printing and mailing needs. We become an extension of your marketing and production departments all while becoming an integral part of your in-house team. We deal with the headaches. We give you our best and you see the results in your bottom line!

Our Clients Are Our First Priority


At JJS&A, Inc. our clients come first... no matter what. Client satisfaction is how we continue to grow and expand as a premier full-service Production Management Company. We continually build solid relationships with our staff, our vendor base, and our clients. We all work seamlessly as a team so that you will achieve high marketing objectives. We become another pair of watchful eyes, making sure everything...from the initial creative the end production and mailing... is on target from a marketing standpoint, timely and cost-effective.

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